Random Wednesday

1. Weigh-in #2 (because I had to skip a week for Labor Day): 310.6 pounds. Nothing lost, nothing gained. Which, at this point, I am nothing short of thrilled with.

2. Still knitting on Hey Teach. Still amazingly monogamous, I'm done with the right front and making steady progress on the left. I don't think it's going to be done in time for Hat Attack (which is only 6 days away- yikes!) but might potentially be done before Jessie's wedding. I'm shooting for the reception dinner, so wish me luck.

3. After I finish Hey Teach, I'm planning to knit a tiny hat or two or three or a hundred. There is a drive going on Mason Dixon Knitting for them, and it just sounds like fun. Is anyone else out there feeling the little hat love?

4. This Ravelry group made me giggle, but I can't join because I actually rather enjoy knitting dishcloths. But if you don't, is this ever the group for you!

5. Have I mentioned that I'm podcasting again? Well, I am. You can check it out here, if you're so inclined.

6. Obviously, the only reason I had a baby was so I could train her to unpack my groceries for me.


Hope everyone is having a good week!


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