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Hey Teach- the "Brooklyn Tweed shot"

I'm still working hard on the right front of Hey Teach. I would already be done with the right front if I hadn't decided to lengthen the body by about four inches. (Two extra in the stockinette, two more in the lacy part.) I think this is going to yield a sweater of the right length for me, and should make the ribbing part of the pattern fall right under my bosom, where it belongs. I can almost never buy any tops that are designed to separate the bust from the rest of the torso, because the bust part is inevitably too short.


In spite of my confidence in the sweater's length, I'm still feeling some trepidation about the armhole. The measurements given in the pattern schematic sure do make it seem like the armhole is going to be much to small. My brain has a hard time grasping the difference between armhole length (the measurement from the place where you start the armhole shaping to the shoulder when the garment is laid out flat) and armhole depth (how big the armhole actually ends up being). I think I'm just going to try to trust the pattern, knit the sleeve and sleeve cap as written, and see what happens. If it doesn't work out, I can always donate it to someone with a big body and small arms. (If you're thinking "This all sounds familiar, it could be because armhole measurements were the reason I frogged another sweater.)


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