Ravelympics ’08: Not a Total Loss

Whenever you try something, there is a good chance you'll fail. Especially if you are like me and think you can finish at least four projects in 16 days whilst working full time and not totally neglecting baby and husband. We could look back on Ravelympics 2008 and say that I failed because I didn't finish a single project. Or, we could look back and remember that I learned a lot, enjoyed a little extra knitting time, and got motivated to get rid of some lingering UFOs.

I'll still get eyes on that damn turtle one of these days. And finish the FBS, and Iris's blankie. And I'll frog the Flax Jax, too. But for now, I want to take a little break from all that finishing up and start something new- a last minute summer project for Iris. Stay tuned!

Weight Watchers update

When I announced my plan to post my weight totals for some extra motivation, Holly commented that I must be very brave to announce that number to the world. Just remember, there's a fine line between brave and stupid! My grandma used to say that a lady never reveals her age, weight or shoe size. I'm not really shy about any of those numbers, so I'll leave you to judge what that says about me!

Anyway, I weighed in at 310.6 this week, a loss of two pounds. Which is great, but not so great considering that I gained five (!!!) the week before that. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you can regain everything you've worked to take off!



  1. tonya said

    Now you have me wondering what you’re making for Iris – I can’t wait to see!
    Weight loss seems to be a lot like knitting: you can knit inches and it’s frogged in a heartbeat, you can lose weight and put it back on easily. But you’ll get there!!
    (And I’m not shy about any of those numbers either!)

  2. Ru. said

    You may feel badly about not finishing on time.
    I think you deserve points for sportsmanship.
    Sure, you didn’t finish your Feb. Sweater, but you posted a tutorial to help others in perpetuity (Heck, I always wondered about picking up missed YOs…).
    Perhaps Sheldon has yet to cross the finish line, but you have saved many other knitters from wiffing the eyes by not placing them early.
    I feel much better knowing that before I start on the one I want to knit.

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