Ravelympics ’08: February Sleeves

On Friday, I had grand plans of having a completed February Baby Sweater at the end of this weekend. Completion seems unlikely at this point, but on the bright side I have completed sleeves.


After two sleeves and much frogging, I think I can honestly say that I've made my peace with the Gull Stitch. More than made peace, in fact: I think we're friends. I can spot now within a row or two if I've made a mistake, and learned how to fix a missed yarn over. The key seems to be counting, counting, counting. I'm still on the fence about knitting one for myself, but I'm leaning towards yes at this point. (After Wisteria is finished, of course.)

On the weight loss front, I got some good feedback in the comments on my last point. Some excellent points:

  • The longer I put it off, the harder it will be to lose weight.
  • It pays to keep trying, even if slip ups happen.
  • Maybe my thyroid is screwed up. (I did, for the record, have it checked after Iris was born because I was losing hair like crazy. I know you're supposed to lose some hair, but I definitely lost more than I started out with. The test came back normal, but I may have it rechecked. I've heard since then that you're supposed to fast before you have it, and my doctor didn't have me do that so maybe it wasn't accurate.)
  • Maybe I should try taking some vitamin supplements. I stopped taking any vitamins after I ran out of my last refill of prenatals, but I know my diet is not really optimal so I'm probably missing some nutrients here and there.
  • If I have the determination to look up a babillion tutorials for the sake of knitting, I probably have enough to stick with weight loss.

Thanks for all the encouraging words, everyone. Just like with any long term knitting project, you'll probably have to frog along the way, and maybe you won't stay monogamous 100% of the time. The only sure thing is, if you stop working on it, it will never get finished. So I'm just going to keep at it! I usually weigh in on Mondays now, so to help keep my motivation I'll be posting numbers every week. (Yikes!)



  1. Holly said

    If you post your weight on your blog, you are officailly the bravest person I know.

  2. Tara said

    Another thought on the TSH test (thyroid)- the governing body of Endocrinologists CHANGED the upper limit a couple of years ago, but most labs are still using the old guideling. Find out what the actual # was and then get a 2nd opinion of a GOOD endo! (it should be under 3 or 4)

  3. Heather said

    That sleeve is gorgeous!

  4. tonya said

    I’m proud of you for posting your weight – I don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed about, especially when the numbers start going down as a result of your hard work.
    Other commenters did make a great point about the thyroid. Check that sucker out! Thyroid problems run in my family, and they told my mom that if she wasn’t very careful she could “balloon” and get heavier.
    And that sleeve is great!! I can’t wait to see the finished sweater.

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