Ravelympics ’08: The Eyes Have It


If you happen to be thinking about making a Sheldon, you might want to learn from my mistakes and get your safety eyes before you start. The pattern instructs you to attach the eyes pretty close to the beginning of the pattern, before you finish the head. But I couldn't see any reason not to skip that little detail. What difference would it make when you can just as easily sew on the eyes after the whole thing is finished? Wouldn't it be easier to attach eyes once the turtle was together and you could make sure they were in the right place?

Well, that would be the case if you were supposed to sew on the eyes in question. I was so busy oustsmarting the pattern that I neglected to realize that safety eyes are not like the little button eyes I was picturing. There is a piece that goes on the back of the toy and then the eye kind of screws in. So if I want to attach the safety eyes now, Sheldon has to be partially taken apart and unstuffed. That is sooooo not going to happen. Once I realized my error, I got a bag of sew on googly eyes too, but I think Sheldon's beady little eyes are so cute, and it's just not the same. I'll probably be using the hole punch/felt/embroidery floss method. Does anyone out there want my baggy of safety eyes? (In case you're looking for some to buy in the metro-Louisville area, I found mine in the doll section of Ben Franklin Crafts in New Albany.)


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