Friday Night Ravelry Surf #5

To celebrate my (almost) finished Sheldon, this is going to be the Official Toy Edition of the Surf. My problem is, I love knitted toys but I'm not crazy about, you know, knitting toys. It could be that this is one instance where I'm willing to knit for the joy of the finished object, even if I'm not crazy about the process.

Have you seen the Knitted Babes (and the lesser known follow up book, Dream Toys?) I really like their look- kind of like the Bratz dolls but less…. bratty. The great thing is that besides the cute variations in the book, the only limit to customizing these dolls is your imagination (and patience with sewing tiny accessories for them.) For example:

Crunchy Mama & Babe OMG, it's my fantasy version of myself as a mother, in doll form!

Roxxy OMG, it's me in high school, in doll form!

Cozmo Babe For the conspiracy nut in all of us.

Seaweed Because little girls love mermaids. Love that crocheted tail!

Adam and Eve C'mon Holly… you know you want some for your Sunday school class!

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley Ooh, ooh, I'd like one of every Harry Potter character! 

Until Tonya of The Shizknit told me she was working on Otto, I had no idea that Ysolda Teague had toy patterns. Besides Otto the bear, there's Sophie the rabbit, Elijah the elephant, and the Stuffies. Not only are they cute, they're designed to be knit seamlessly, which increases my chances of actually finishing them exponentially. These might be a good option for you if you want to try out making a toy but don't want to buy a whole book. (Just bought the pattern for Sophie, so I guess Sheldon hasn't scared me off toys for life anyway!)

Speaking of seamless toys, check out this cool gigantic Bobbi Bear. At one time a lot of people at the Knit Nook were making these, but I don't remember anything this big!

If dolls, bears, and standard toy fare aren't your thing, perhaps you'd like to add some more unusual animals to your knitted menagerie?

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep

Prehistoric Pals
Shoney the Squid
Praying Mantis

And in case you get hungry from all that toy making:

Giant Olive

Happy knitting!



  1. tonya said

    OMG, I just queued almost all of that food! And no toy list is complete without the great stuff from Seriously. I love it all!
    (I plan on making Sophie and Elijah, too. Toys = more proof that Ysolda rocks.)

  2. Ru. said

    As if my rav queue needed to get any BIGGER…
    I am so inspired by your finds.
    However… have you seen this kangaroo?
    Sorry I haven’t figured out how to hyper-link in a comment…
    but the pattern is free, too.

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