Ravelympics ’08: Turtles and Frogs


My Sheldon is all finished except for the eyes. Even when I started, I must not have thought I'd ever really finish because I never bought any! It's kind of bugging me, but Iris seems to be enjoying chewing on her new toy just fine without his ocular appendages. I find toy finishing an absolute nightmare, which is precisely why a mostly knit Sheldon has been in progress since last year. I can't imagine myself wanting to make another toy, no matter how adorable. But maybe it's like that post-baby amnesia thing. Pretty soon I'll be totally blinded by Sheldon's cuteness and forget about how much I cursed while trying to sew his legs on straight. I was thinking it would be cute to have a little rainbow army of turtles….


Iris and Sheldon- BFFs?

In the less-than-cheerful news department, I'm thinking about frogging my Flax Jax cardigan, even though at the outset of the Ravelympics I was sure I'd be able to finish it. All it needs is sleeves! Ah, but sleeves are turning out to be tricky beasts.

The sweater is knit in one piece from the bottom up. After you get to the top, you do a three needle bind off to put the shoulders together, then you're supposed to pick up stitches around the armholes for the sleeves. After studying several picking-up-stitches tutorials (at The Shizknit and Knitty and Stitch Diva) I have come to a couple of conclusions:

Conclusion #1: I shouldn't have slipped the stitches at the beginning of my rows, at least not for the sleeves. Slipping those stitches gives you a neat edge, but also leaves you without enough stitches to effectively pick up for your sleeve.
Conclusion #2: I think this sweater is kind of ugly. And not in that "I'm really tired of looking at this thing" way. Sigh. 

In lieu of those revelations, I've set Flax Jax to the side in favor of my February Baby Sweater. It is definitely not ugly, so at least there's that. You might remember that the last time I worked on it, I was getting frustrated because I had decided to modify the pattern to knit the sleeves in the round. I was losing DPNs, and my place in the pattern, left and right. When I picked it back up, I was missing a bunch of stitches and having trouble figuring out where I was in the lace, so I decided that maybe Elizabeth Zimmermann was actually smarter than me (shocker!), ripped back the whole sleeve and started over on straight needles. Ahhhhh. Much better already. I think the disadvantages to the flat knitting here (purling and seaming) are far outweighed by the advanatage of not having to deal with DPNs in this case. 


The February Baby Sweater: Scared Straight Edition

If I can get some eyes on that damn turtle, I can at least say I finished one WIP for the Ravelympics. The prognosis for me finishing at least two things is looking pretty good right now. Finishing things is fun, but I deeply miss my Wisteria. (It was on the Twist Collective blog! So exciting!) Hopefully, absence will make my heart grow even fonder, and keep me from running out and casting on for my other Twist Collective obsession as soon as the Ravelympics have run their course. (But I just bought the pattern, so who knows?)



  1. tonya said

    You could just do french knots for the eyes . . . I am making Ysolda Teague’s Otto for Leo and am totally smitten with the french knot eyes!
    BTW, Sheldon is AWESOME! I’m gonna have to knit him.

  2. Jessie said

    nice stuff at the Twist Collective blog! (yours is the prettiest, though. and you can pair it with a floral skirt!)

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