To the Frogger Goes the Spoils

I went hunting for my Samus cardigan and found it packed safely away in a big plastic tote.




Packed in with my cardigan were some other, more dubious “treasures” from knitting adventures long past.


My very first socks, knit out of Artful Yarns Jazz. This photo cleverly disguises the fact that one sock is about three inches longer than the other one. ETA: NO LONGER AVAILABLE


A really ugly poncho, knit out of bulky acrylic yarn. (I think something similar to Lion Brand Homespun, if not that very yarn.) I tried to take a picture of me in it, but trust me, there are some things the internet just doesn’t need to see. It’s already partially frogged, which I think is the one redeeming fact in this story. I must have at least started to come to my senses!


This is the Sampler from The Sweater Workshop. It is pretty much the world’s largest and most educational gauge swatch. There’s not much you can do with it after it’s done, but I can’t bring myself to frog it or throw it away either. Someday, it may give my ancestors something to wonder about.


Two very large sleeves, knit in Lamb’s Pride Bulky. Don’t ask what happened to the body of the sweater. It’s a loooong story.

Not pictured: yet another ill-fated sweater out of Berroco Softwist (I think there’s about 8 skeins worth, mostly black and one or two of a maroon color) and a kit for mittens that I bought at Target.

Everything (except the sampler) is up for grabs. (Yes, even Samus. It makes me itch and I just can’t see the sense in finishing something that makes me itch.) There’s probably two skeins in the sleeves, five skeins the Samus, a little over one skein in the socks, and who knows what in the poncho. If you don’t mind some frogging, the yarn could be yours! If you know me from Sophie’s or the Knit Nook, let me know what you want dibs on and I will make sure you get it. If you’re not local, I don’t mind shipping if you can chip in some money for it. Just leave a comment!

Oh, and to help balance out some of the ugliness in this post:


This is the beginning of my Wisteria. I am totally in love. I think this might be the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back in regards to Samus. Why would you knit something scratchy when you could be knitting something so, so soft. Mmmmmalabrigo. Mmmmm.

I’ll update this post to let you know when people claim things. Thanks!

Update- Jazz socks gone!

Update- Samus gone!


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