The Universe Is Againt Me

You know how sometimes you decide to go on a diet, and then that week you end up having to go to a meeting at a restaurant with a delicious buffet, and a party with a delicious birthday cake, and your friend brings over a whole box of Girl Scout cookies? That is what happens to me every time I declare that I’m going on a “yarn diet” or a “WIP diet”. Suddenly, temptations are everywhere!

I didn’t exactly say I was yarn dieting, but I did promise my husband that I would give my debit card a chance to cool down a little this month. Last month, some reckless sewing machine/Silky Wool purchases were made, so I don’t think giving it a rest is totally unreasonable. But the Knit Nook thwarted me by getting in a long awaited shipment of Malabrigo. In some of the colors I’ve most coveted, too! It’s so nice to see them in person.

I managed to leave with just one skein, in Orchid, but when I got home, I started poking around the first issue of the Twist Collective, saw the Kate Gilbert’s Wisteria sweater and…. well, let’s just say, I will be buying more than one skein. I love the cables! I love the high neck, which will allow me to enjoy the softness of Malabrigo at it’s utmost! I love supporting the idea behind the Twist Collective (designers getting paid fairly for their work- hard to argue with that!)

Pictures coming soon (tomorrow, if I can find that dang batteries for my camera.)


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  1. Allison said

    Did they have any purple lace-weight? grumble grumble

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