Peach Pickin’

Last Saturday, we took Iris to Huber’s for the first time. Bob and I are what you might call indoor people, so going to a farm is probably something we wouldn’t have done on our own. But I don’t want Iris to grow up stuck inside all the time just because I prefer air conditioning to bugs and dirt, so to the farm we went.

We rode on a tractor.



Iris picked out a baby sized peach of her very own, and studied it intently.


She spent some time playing in the grass and refusing to look at the camera. 


She had her very first taste of ice cream, and approved wholeheartedly. (It was Blueberry, so I’m sure it was chock full of antioxidants or something).



We had such a good time, I know we’ll be back again.



  1. tonya said

    How cute! (It seems like all my comments say that, but it’s true!)
    I love the strawberry outfit, too.

  2. Katie said

    That looks like so much fun!! The picture of her with the ice cream face is too precious!!

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