Friday Night Ravelry Surf #3

I hate to bring down the fun surfing mood, but I just found out Louisville’s biggest and oldest fabric store, Baer Fabrics, is closing forever tomorrow, and I am sad and stunned! According to their website, they’ve been open for over a century. It’s a Louisville landmark! So sad. I hope that the owners and employees are all going to be okay. I hope I will find a reputable place to shop for a new sewing machine!

Bib-itty Bobitty Boo

Because necessity is the mother of invention, I’ve found myself thinking about knitting up some baby bibs. I figure it would be a good way to knit down my massive dishcloth cotton stash, and probably prettier and more durable than commercial bibs. Ravelry gave me tons of ideas for cool bib embellishments. Here are a few standouts:

Sporty Bibs

Fancy Cables

Barnyard Buttons

Kristin Nicholas Inspired Embroidery

Cute Felted Appliques

Burn Baby Burns

Since I am still on the prowl for things to do with rather a lot of Silky Wool, I happened across this updated version of the ChicKnit’s Eyelet Cardi. (While we’re on the subject of Bonne Marie Burns, check out her Designs page. Quite prolific, and so many very popular patterns. I do not hold my failed Ribby Cardi against her.)

Random Sock Plug

Now that I’m officially knitting socks for the fun of knitting socks, I’ve found out that Ravelry has a lot to offer in the way of beautiful sock patterns, many for free. Take for instance Knitzi’s sock patterns. (I think Nutkin in particular is poised to be the next Big Thing in handknitted socks. Think Jaywalker or Monkey.)

Happy surfing y’all!



  1. Allison said

    I guess you really liked the sporty bibs? I am very partial to the embroidered one. I think that cardigan looks faboo.

  2. Holly said

    Hey, Holly! On the subject of Bonnie Marie Burns, check out Sitcom Chic,, (I wish you could link in comments!) It’s a design of hers that was published in knitty, so it’s FREE. And very much like the Eyelet Cardi.

  3. Ruth said

    Baer Fabric is closing?!!! NOOOOO!
    This is a serious travesty! How could I not have known?
    Where are we gonna go for decent buttons?
    I could simply weep.

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