Ironic… or Tragic?

Good News:
I got this cool book called Warm Fuzzies. I have a pile of thrifted sweaters in my closet, just waiting to be recycled. I’ve been excited about all the things I might be able to do with them, but also intimidated at the prospect of taking them apart. I think this book will be a good starting off

Bad News:
My sewing machine seems to be out of commission for the time being. Since Saturday night, it’s only sewing in reverse. In fact, it’s not even sewing well in reverse. The needle keeps jamming and there seems to be a tension issue going on too. I’d like to have it fixed, but it may be a while before I can make it to a repair shop.

Needless to say, I’m feeling a little bummed. Fortunately, I have lots of yarn to console me. Just two more reasons why knitting is awesome- it doesn’t require electricity and if it breaks, you don’t need a mechanic to fix it!



  1. Holly said

    Apparently since your sewing machine went on vacation, you’ve spent your sewing time blogging! 😉

  2. Holly said

    Also, I like the new look of the blog.

  3. tonya said

    I agree with the new look thing – nice!
    And if you absolutely must sew, you can come over and use the machine. Or – I could bring the machine & some vegetarian-approved food for some Project Runway viewing. Just a thought 🙂

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