Training Wheels


I am a knitter who repeatedly suffers from overconfidence. I seem to
confuse my ability to read a pattern with the ability to actually execute the pattern. A small, but crucial, difference.

lace, for example. I’ve been knitting for over four years now. Do I
know how to do a YO? Yes. Do I know how to K2Tog? Yes. Do I know how to
SSK? Yes. Can I successfully combine those three maneuvers to create
lace? Well, not if I’m using my February Baby Sweater as evidence. After starting and re-starting the lace portion of the sweater approximately a million times, I finally wised up and put stitch markers at the beginning and end of each pattern repeat to help me keep track. Does it help me? Yes. Does it make me feel silly? Definitely! 

(By the way, I’m using Malabrigo Worsted in Vermillion. If the baby version works out, I’m seriously considering doing a February Lady Sweater [Ravelry] so Iris and I can be all cute and matchy.)


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  1. tonya said

    I love the February Lady Sweater (and matchy-ness!)

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