Still Sewing

In case you were wondering, I haven’t given up on my latest hobby. After giving up on the way too complicated baby dress and reading a good beginner’s sewing book, I’ve moved on from very simple tote bags to bags that are a little more involved. Current WIP: Amy Butler’s Nappy Bag.

At this point, I’ve cut all the pieces out, applied the interfacing, and sewn together the outside of the bag to some canvas to make it sturdy. Oh, and there’s a cell phone pocket on one of the straps. Can you see it?


I just love the shape of this bag, and in spite of the fact that it was designed as a diaper bag, I think it will serve as a knitting bag long after I’m done with my childbearing years. I love the fabric, even though the colors aren’t ones I would normally gravitate towards. The print reminds me of my Granny, who had a closet full of polyester pants and paisley print shirts.




  1. susan said

    I have a love/ hate feeling about sewing.
    Made a couple of aprons-went back to knitting!

  2. tonya said

    Ooh . . . I like it a lot! And that’s great fabric.
    Heck, I would use that as a purse.

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