Block Party


First, we soaked.


Then, we stretched.


Iris helped.


And the end result is a hat that I love, love, love.


The pattern is Epitome [Ravelry]. You can get the pattern here, and you should because it’s pretty awesome! It calls for a bulky weight yarn, but I held two strands of Malabrigo Worsted together. I quit wearing beanie style hats because they are chronically unflattering, but this one is a keeper. It was a fun, fast knit that I think might be a new go-to pattern when I need to bang out a quick gift. Don’t be afraid to knit one for a man- I tried it on my husband and we both liked it on him. But he’ll just have to wait to get his own!



  1. Colleen said

    Iris is a absolute doll in the purple hat, or any time. Too cute for words

  2. Tonya said

    Yay – I’m so glad you like it.
    And Craig steals mine all the time, which ensures it’s manly-ness. (Although he asked for one in a color less girly than red – since when is red too girly?)
    And Iris is too darn cute – I can’t wait for Saturday!

  3. Jessie said

    GREAT hat. I need one!

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