On (and Off!) the Needles

After having a baby, I have to confess that it’s a lot easier to forgo the hardships of "real" blogging in favor of slapping up a cute picture of Iris and calling it a day. It’s certainly faster and easier to get comments! But I think it’s time to get back to my blogging roots and talk some knitting. (Don’t worry, there are still plenty of baby pictures in our future.)

I am a proud, card carrying member of the Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravelry– or at least I would be if they had cards. During Malabrigo March, we set forth on an epic quest to improve Malabrigo’s standings on the list of Ravelry’s most popular yarns. The only way to accomplish that? Cast on as many projects as possible! I came in about halfway through the month, but I think I did my part by casting on for five projects.

Applegreenbucket2_2  Applegreenbucket3_2

The first thing I started (and finished) was A Better Bucket Hat [Ravlery]. The pattern was a freebie from the Make One Yarn Studios, and quite a fine one I might add! Don’t you just loooove my beautiful contrasting brim and pink button? I feel much cooler than I actually am when I wear it.

To make my cool brim, I was forced to learn how to do a PCO, or Provisional Cast On. Actually, I learned how to do it three different ways because the first way kicked my ass! I love Eunny Jang, so I’m pretty sure it’s not her fault I couldn’t decipher her instructions. I ended up using the instructions I found here, at Knit and Tonic. That worked well enough for this hat, but I know I did something wrong because my cast on did not "unzip" the was provisional cast ons are supposed to. I had to pick it out stitch by stitch, but the end result was satisfactory. (I’ve since figured out how to do it the "right" way using the instructional video from Knitting Help. I had to watch it approximately a babillion times. Don’t give up! You can do it! And you will thank yourself the next time you need a super cool Bucket Hat!)

Also in the FO department, I present you with my very first Koolhaas [Ravelry]:

Now, I am wearing the hat in the pictures but my husband is actually the rightful owner. He’s been complaining with increasing loudness about not having a good hat, and I’ve been promising him one for a long time. During the Malabrigo March insanity, I said that I would cast on a hat for him if only I had a "manly" color. He requested to see what colors I had and deemed Apple Green to be manly enough. He said, "It wouldn’t be my first choice for a hat color, but it’s probably in the top twenty." (I wonder what 19 other color choices might be in front of it.) I wasn’t sure he would actually wear it, but when I picked him up from work yesterday he was standing on the sidewalk with the hat on his head, even though it was kind of hot outside. I could see him from about a block away. You have to love a man who is willing to wear a hat bright enough to direct traffic in!

Other things I cast on during Malabrigo March, in no particular order.

Another Koolhaas. And am I sick of them? NO! Not at all! I want one in every color of the rainbow!

Sunrise1 Sunrise Circle Jacket [Ravelry]
Mugcozy Garter Stitch Mug Cozy [Ravelry]

One last project, not cast on during March, but still in our Malabrigo theme nonetheless. Does this look familiar to you? It should look familiar to someone I know because she designed it!

Epitome [Ravelry]

There are a few more things on my needles, but they’ll have to wait for another post because all this catching up is reminding me that I had better get some of this stuff finished or I’m going to run out of needles! Yikes!

So you don’t go into withdrawal or something:


This is Iris modeling the Mini Pini [Ravelry] I knit for my Baby a Baby swap partner, Dee. It is convenient to knit things for other babies when you have a baby handy to measure!   


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  1. tonya said

    Yay for all the knits! It’s exciting to see someone else knitting from my pattern, and the bucket hat is totally rockin’. I’ve been wanting to make a Koolhaus too. You picked some pretty awesome patterns for Malibrigo March!

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