Spoiled Rotten

Yesterday, I got my Baby-a-Baby Swap package, all the way from Sara in Portugal. I’m pleased to present you with the array of fabulous goodies that were inside. Iris might just be the best dressed baby around this summer, thanks to Sara’s beautiful knitting!


I couldn’t even fit everything into one picture! The package included two handknit tank tops, a handknit bonnet, a handknit pacifier clip, bibs, an adorable floral sunhat, a pair of baby denim overalls, a teething rattle, a tiny spoon and fork, a Baby on Board sign for the car, and tea and stitch markers just so I wouldn’t feel left out!


The stitch markers are so pretty and fancy they could easily moonlight as earrings!




I took a ton of pictures of Iris modeling her new wardrobe. This is just a small sampling. If you want to see a few more, check out Iris’s photo gallery.

Thank you sooooo much Sara! Bob and I are so tickled with everything you sent! We hope you and your little ones are all doing well!

Oh and…. Happy Easter everybody!




  1. Jessie said

    cutest. baby. ever. all the pink looks great on her!

  2. Tonya said

    All right! Sara & her new baby girl are my spoilees . . . I can’t wait to send off my package.
    Iris is adorable, as always!!

  3. HEather said

    Hooray! That looks like a great package!

  4. Joe said

    I think you’re officially the first the receive your package! 😀 That’s a beautiful package that Sara sent you, and Iris is lovely in her new wardrobe – and she seems pleased enough! ^_^

  5. Holly said

    Is Iris always such a wonderful model? Or only when wearing handknits? Hmmm….

  6. Wowza! Everything is so cute. Especially that little babe of yours! Again, so cute. *B

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