I am a knitter who lives with a man who does not own a single sweater.



  1. Holly said

    It sure sounds like you need to knit him one. You don’t have the curse to worry about, you already have the ring.

  2. Sonya said

    I live with a man that would never even wear a sweater.

  3. Joe said

    lol 🙂 Would he let you knit one? 🙂

  4. Jessie said

    you’re thinking about it…he even likes the stripe…

  5. wayne said

    hey bob your baby is cute.
    uncle wayne

  6. Tonya said

    What?! You need to fix that.
    I *love* the new pictures of Iris.
    I’ll holla atcha when I’m back in town (visiting the folks for a bit). (Don’t you love my ghettoness?)

  7. Tara said

    Don’t feel bad. I’ve knit my DH 4 sweaters that I think I’ve seen grace his body a combined twice. Bob’s a big guy and probably runs to being hot most of the time. Bill has no excuse… Move to Alaska – he’ll be begging you for a sweater in short order!

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