Finished Object: Harf


Cast On: I don’t really remember. I know I said I wanted it to be an Xmas gift for Iris, but I’m thinking I didn’t even buy the yarn until some time in January.

Finished: February 24, 2008

Pattern: Toasty Topper from the Winter 2007 Knitty

Yarn: I decided to go really nuts and actually use the yarn the pattern called for- Berocco Ultra Alpaca. [Ravelry] It’s a blend of wool and alpaca, and not bad at all for the price. I would definitely consider a sweater made out of this stuff. 

Needles: Brittany wooden DPNs, size 8 for the top of the hat, then size 7 DPNs for the hat ribbing, then a 24" bamboo circular needle, also size 7, for the scarf.

Modifications: The scarf isn’t as wide as the one in the pattern because I ran out of yarn. Yup, even I, who am notorious for using far less yarn than the pattern calls for. And I got the right gauge and everything! But, it’s not really that big of a deal.

Final Thoughts: The sizing information for this pattern says that it will fit an infant, toddler, and child. I wasn’t totally convinced that was physically possible. But check this out! It totally stretches!


Theoretically, Iris could wear this hat for the rest of her life. She would look a little dorky, but talk about return on your investment!



  1. Whitney said

    That is the freaking cutest picture of your kid. Love it.

  2. Kristin said

    So cute! Iris should be a model! (Seriously, it’s about time that kid started earning her keep!)

  3. Tonya said

    I love the harf!
    And if Iris wants to model my baby shrug for the pattern pictures, she could get her start in the industry. That kid is so darn cute!

  4. Mery said

    Hi Holly! I haven’t checked your blog (or any blog) in ages. Iris is the CUTEST!!!! Can’t wait to meet her in person!

  5. Sara said

    Wow, Iris looks soooo cute in that hat!!! I hope the thing i knitted for her look as cute on her as that hat:D

  6. Elise said

    Iris is just the cutest baby ever!! It was so good to see the two of you on Wednesday! I love the new hat, too – super fun.

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