Next Stop: My Mid-Twenties

So I was on the phone tonight with Jessie, and we were talking about birthdays (because today just so happens to be my birthday) and she mentioned something about how turning 24 signifies that I’m no longer in my early twenties. I hadn’t thought about it that way before, but I guess she’s right- mid twenties, here I come! I feel like years 20-23 passed by before I even got to think about being in my early twenties, so I plan to try to live in the moment and savor  my mid twenties a little better.

While I’m feeling all nostalgic, here’s a list of a few things I did in my early twenties:

  • moved into my first apartment
  • joined Weight Watchers and lost a smidge over 50 pounds)
  • got married
  • had a baby (and gained back some of that 50 pounds)
  • knitted, blogged, and knitted some more.

And that’s just the highlights! I also threw up on sock yarn, visited Seattle for the first time, and had a podcast (which I hope to resume, one of these days.) Sure, there’s a couple things I would like to see on my early twenties list that are conspicuously absent (like college), but hey, that’s what my mid twenties are for, right? Oh, the places we’ll go….



  1. Tonya said

    Happy, happy birthday!!
    I’d say you’ve had a pretty productive early twenties!

  2. Miiii said

    Hiya, it´s me again, you “still” secret baby swap partner 😀
    I just wanted to ask if there´s anything specific your daughter needs from the area of knitting? A blanket, a sweater or something like that?

  3. Jessie said

    That throwing up on sock yarn thing was so funny. I know that, at the time, it was not so funny, but MAN does it make for a good story. Especially because I hadn’t been knitting with you that long…

  4. Holly said

    Happy Birthday!
    May you have a wonderful mid twenties.
    – Holly

  5. Annalea said

    I’ll never forget, just before turning 30, listening to one of my favorite songs. It has a line that says: “to resolve on this man in his twenties”. It hit me that shortly, I wouldn’t be relating to that song in quite the same way . . . .
    Have fun in your mid-twenties! (And btw, 30’s are pretty neat, too. ;o)

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