Paying it Forward


When I was pregnant, one of my secret wishes was to have a baby blanket made by my knitting friends, but that’s not exactly the kind of thing you can register for. Fortunately, my knitting friends are psychics in addition to being crackerjack knitters. They knew what I wanted without me making a peep, and Iris was gifted with a beautiful afghan, knitted with love by a whole gaggle of knitters at the Knit Nook.

I have a soft spot for community based afghan projects, so I’m glad to get the chance to participate in one right at my own LYS. If you’re a knitter in the metro-Louisville area, perhaps you would like to get in on the action as well. Heather is collecting knit or crochet squares to make an afghan for a friend who recently lost her husband. The only requirements are that the squres be:

  • orange
  • measure 8×8 inches

It might also be nice if they were made using yarn somewhere in the ballpark of worsted, to make seaming it up easier. Stitch pattern is all up to you! Go nuts! If you’re interested in contributing, the deadline for squares to be at the Knit Nook is 01/27/2008.

If you’re looking for the easiest possible square to contribute, look no further! A garter stitch square, knit on the diagonal, doesn’t require a gauge swatch. Use any needle that you think matches your yarn! I’m sure there are different ways to make them, but here’s how I knit mine:

CO 1 stitch.

Row 1: KFB. 2 stitches.
Row 2: KFB, knit 1. 3 stitches.
Row 3: KFB, knit 1, KFB. 5 stitches.
Row 4 (and all even rows following this one): Knit straight across.
Row 5 (and all odd rows following this one): KFB, Knit to last stitch, KFB.

You are knitting what should look like a garter stitch triangle. Keep knitting until the two edges of your triangle that aren’t attached to your needle measure 8 inches. Somehow, through the Magic of Garter Stitch, both sides should reach that length at the same time. Finish on an even row. Then instead of increasing two stitches on each side of your next odd row, you’ll be decreasing two stitches. Just replace the KFB on Row 5 with a K2TOG. Keep knitting straight across on all your even rows until you have just 3 stitches left. Then you can K2TOG, turn your square around and K2TOG one last time. Now just pull your yarn through the final stitch and voila! A garter stitch square measuring 8×8 inches. Weave in your ends and you’re done!   


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  1. Kristin said

    Thanks for spreading the word, Holly. I’ll post about it on the Knit Nook blog tomorrow.

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