One Whole Month

As of yesterday, Iris is one month old. Can you believe it? Me neither!


Hi, my name is Iris and I’m one month old! I like eating, pooping, and sleeping. Here I am in my swing, giving my mom a tee-tiny break. I am so generous!!

The last month has been amazing, and amazingly difficult, but I’m still squeezing in knitting time here and there. It’s totally a catch 22. When I was pregnant, I didn’t often have the energy or desire to knit. Now the urge to knit has come back, but it’s tricky- and sometimes impossible!- to carve out time to knit in between taking care of the baby. It’s tough, but I’m trying to be Zen about it- everything is transient. She’ll only be a baby for a brief amount of time, and I want to soak it all up while I can. (Keep in mind that I’m still on maternity leave. We’ll see how "Zen" I feel once I’m back at work!)

That said, there has been knitting going on here and I hope to be back to blogging about it really soon! Thanks to everyone who well wishes for us! Iris is a lucky kid to be born into a community of knitters… she just doesn’t know it yet!



  1. Colleen said

    Soooooo cute. Those swings are great. You are right, she won’t be a baby long. It will go fast so enjoy it. Happy thanksgiving. See you soon

  2. Tonya said

    Do you want some size one diapers? Leo outgrew them before he finished a whole package, and I’m sure you can probably use ’em. Let me know at we can meet up!

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