Even Better Than Yarn Pictures…

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Bob was in shock while we were still in the OR and failed to take any pictures of the baby immediately after birth, so Iris’s first pictures were taken right after the surgery while I was in the recovery room.


She has so much hair, just like her daddy. It’s dark at the roots and turns lighter at the ends- who knows what color it will turn into?

She had a bit of jaundice, so if you’re thinking she looks a little yellow, that’s why. After a couple days on the BiliBlanket, she’s doing fine.

Here’s Iris with her daddy:


Here’s Iris with her Nana:


And very importantly, here’s Iris with her first yarn:


See, I told you I had pictures! Y’all don’t mind if this blog goes from a mostly knitting blog with little bits of kitties to a mostly baby blog with little bits of knitting, right?

Speaking of kitties, they’re to the baby pretty well. Mostly, they ignore her and are more interested in the noises emanating from my breast pump. 




  1. tonya said

    Iris is PRECIOUS!! Just wait until our kids are bigger — Iris and Leo can play while we knit.

  2. Colleen said

    A real cutey. I expect her to be knitting by at least a year. I just love her name – ya’ done good.
    Hope you are feeling okay. Colleen

  3. Holly said

    Oh, my gosh! She’s so beautiful! Congratulations to you, Holly, and Bob and the cats.
    Next, we want to see pictures of Iris in her very special handknits!
    And pictures of Iris with the cats!
    And pictures of Iris with her mom!!!

  4. Elizabeth said

    Holly, he’s adorable! It hardly seems real, doesn’t it? You made that! What a great job you did. 😀

  5. Stephani said

    I just love the way they look when they’re fresh! She is too cute Holly. Ya done good.

  6. Tonya said

    How’s the new mom? And how’s Iris? (And for good measure, how’s Bob?) Hope to hear from you soon!!

  7. Becky said

    I found your site through craftster. Someone has posted linked to your bootie pattern.. I must say.. 1) Thank you for making the perfect bootie pattern (!) I have been looking for one like this for ages!
    and of course 2… Great job on making such a beautiful baby! May all her days be bright and shining!

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