Finished: Baby

(Pictures SOON!)

Name: Iris Ellen

Birthday: October 18th, 2007

Weight: 10 lbs, 5 oz.

Length: 21 in.

Final Thoughts: The whole time I was pregnant, women who had already been through the whole childbearing process assured me that it would all be worth it when I had her. Since I was fairly miserable for most of my pregnancy, I kind of wanted to slap them. But guess what? It turns out they were right! I’m sure that isn’t shocking to anyone but me, but I may never get over my surprise. I was afraid I might not feel anything… instead, I feel everything.

What can I say? I’m in love!



  1. Mery said

    Congratulations Holly!!!!! I’m so happy for you and Bob! What you wrote brought tears to my eyes! It feels awesome, doesn’t it? How can someone so little make you feel so much? Please post pictures soon! Lots of love from us Guats, Mery, Alex, Tino and Mila.

  2. Elizabeth said

    Congrats!! Can’t wait to see her and meet her.

  3. Kristin said

    Congratulations on having her here, you both being happy and healty, and NOT BEING PREGNANT ANYMORE! Can’t wait till there are pictures. (Nudge, nudge, Bob!)

  4. Tonya said

    Isn’t it the greatest feeling? I saw her pictures on the hospital site and she’s ADORABLE! Congrats — it will be awesome to see her!

  5. Lauren said

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful name you’ve chosen.

  6. Steph said

    Yea! Congratulations! Give that tummy a raspberry for me! – Steph

  7. Wendi said

    oHHHH Holly sniff, sniff. I showed Jim her hospital picture and he will be the first to say a baby is breathtaking(Seinfeld fan)but he said she’s beautiful.

  8. Colleen said

    Your comment is so sweet. We will continue to surprise ourselves with how we feel about things or how we change. Can’t wait until we see her. Colleen

  9. chloe said

    Wishing you much happiness with this little bundle of love. Iris Ellen is just beautiful!!!!!!
    And her name is very special. You made the perfect choice for this adorable baby girl.

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