The Big Day…

is tomorrow, October 18th. I’m scheduled for surgery at 7:30 in the morning and should have a baby well before 8:00. Is that crazy or what?

I won’t be home for a few days, but Bob should be here periodically to check on the cats, so I’m going to try to coerce him into a tiny bit of baby blogging. I know the pain of waiting for baby pictures to be posted!

Until next time, cross your fingers for me! Thanks for all the well wishes and support! If this kid knew that there were all these cool people waiting for her on the outside world, surely I would have gone into labor on my own by now!



  1. Kristin said

    By my clock, you’ve had a baby for two hours! Congrats on your first official day of motherhood!
    (Now can we know what her name is?)

  2. Holly S. said

    Yea! Welcome to the world, baby girl. You’re going to love the handknits.

  3. Colleen said

    This is Friday morning and I am assuming you have had baby girl ?. Please tell us her name. Hope the storms did not bother you all. Can’t wait to get all the details. Colleen

  4. Tonya said

    She’s here!! Hope all is well with your new little girl.

  5. Jessi said

    Congratulations! I hope everything went smoothly. I also can’t wait to hear the name 🙂 (and see pictures!)

  6. Wendi said

    Baby? Bob has not came through for all of us eagers?!!

  7. Cindy said

    Pictures? Still waiting for pictures. Bob?

  8. Colleen said

    I don’t think my comments posted on the hospital site. i did see her pictures and she is a doll. I love her name and can’t wait to meet her. Colleen

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