Vain? Who, Me?

Conventional wisdom about getting a haircut while pregnant is pretty simple: don’t. The theory goes that when you’re feeling puffy and unattractive, you might make a drastic change to your hair and live to regret it. Kind of like getting your hair cut after a big breakup.

I decided to fly in the face of all that advice, well intentioned though it may be, and get my hair cut anyway. I’ve been growing it out for several years now, with only occasional intervention in the form of trimming split ends. It was nice to be able to throw it back in a ponytail- too nice, actually, since that’s all I ever did with it. Boring!

For proof, here’s me last month at the Knit Nook baby shower. Don’t I look glamorous, with my pink bra strap hanging out of my shirt for the world to see?


See above: dumb ponytail nub. Not cute. Not even a little cute! I can’t believe I’m even showing you this picture!

As of today, I am a new woman! (At least, as far as the haircut goes.) I may still look fat puffy and be totally miserable in my last month and a half or so of pregnancy but… danged if this isn’t the best hair I’ve ever had in my entire life!


A drastic improvement! Haircut success! I’m going to need dozens of jaunty berets to show it off this winter (not that anyone will be looking at me anyway, since I’m likely to be accompanied by an adorable baby.)

If you live in the metro-Louisville area and you’re looking for a new stylist, you might check out Kim at Strandz in New Albany. But only on the days and times that she isn’t doing my hair. Don’t be a cute hair hog!




  1. Steph said

    Soo Cute! Yeah, my best haircuts were always during pregnancy, or right after. Cause those pre-nates give you some damn fine hair!

  2. Tonya said

    That looks great!

  3. Kristin said

    Wow! Totally cute in a Mary Tyler Moore kind of way! I know what you mean about the jaunty berets, but I’ll do you one step further: you, standing outside somewhere (possibly the river front next to the Humana building) tossing your beret triumphantly in the air. You’re gonna make it afterall!

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