Finished: Purl Bee Beret

You know what is great? When you start and finish a project so fast that you never had time to blog about starting it in the first place!


Pattern: Purl Bee Beret, a free pattern from the Purl Bee blog

Yarn: Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino in an unknown variegated purple colorway. I ordered this yarn from Purl well over a year ago, curious about the popularity of the yarn. I always intended to make socks out of it, but after a few failed attempts I decided it was too pretty to go on my feet anyway. Ravelry led me to the perfect solution- a jaunty beret that only takes a single skein. (And for the record, Koigu is a really nice yarn.)

Needles: Addi Turbos US size 2, 16" length and Susan Bates Aluminum DPNs, also size 2

Modifications: The pattern says to knit about 3 inches of plain stockinette after you finish the inch of ribbing around the bottom of the hat, and mentions that if you want your beret to be floppier, you could knit 4 – 5 inches. Well, I don’t know that I really wanted a floppy beret, but I forgot to stop knitting and ended up doing about 4.5 inches. As a result, my beret took slightly more than one skein to complete, but I’m happy with the level of floppiness so I guess it’s okay.

Final Thoughts: I highly recommend this pattern if you, like me, have a lot of sock yarn but don’t necessarily want to use all of it for socks. Especially if you have single skeins of Koigu, Lorna’s Laces, Claudia Handpaints, or something like that. Don’t be scared off by knitting a whole adult size hat on size 2 – 3 needles. It goes surprisingly fast! I’m pretty sure there’s a matching baby sized version of this hat coming in the near future…



  1. Stephani said

    So pretty! It would be so undeniably cute if you made a matching bebe hat!

  2. Taylor said

    Do you still have the pattern? They’ve taken it of the website and I’m DYING to knit it! Thanks x

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