Three a Week (or not)


There were so many things in the latest issue of Interweave Knits that
I wanted to knit, but when Jessie mentioned that she was going to make
the Minimalist Cardigan, the idea took root and we decided to knit it
together. Funnily enough, we both decided to use the same yarn (Knit
Picks Andean Silk
) in the same color (Hollyberry). So now, in addition
to being knitting buddies and work buddies, we’re also knitting twin
cardigans. (My twin is slightly larger than hers, but still!)

So far, I’ve only completed about 3 inches of the back. I love the
yarn, the color, and the stitch pattern. I know, we’re still in the
early honeymoon stage, but I think this one’s going to be a
winner. I have this ridiculous fantasy of finishing the cardigan well before I have my baby, but after doing a little math to see how many balls of yarn I would have to knit through every week to finish the cardigan in 6 weeks, I would have to knit up three balls a week. Three a week? Granted, these balls are only 96 yards a piece, but that’s some pretty serious knitting. Even if I weren’t working on anything else (which I am!) I’m not sure I could finish that fast. Kristin of the Knit Nook says you should count on knitting projects taking at least 3 times as long as you think they should, and I think that’s a fair estimate. Not an estimate I like very much… but a fair one.



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  1. Holly said

    Of course you picked a color called “Hollyberry”. How could you resist? It’s so pretty, who could blame you. Great job so far.

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