Finished: Rose Twist Baby Kimono


Well, I didn’t make my self-imposed deadline for finishing this Kimono, but really, how mad can you be when something turns out so adorable and elegant for less than five bucks?

Pattern: Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting

Yarn: Sugar ‘n Cream Twists in Rose Twists, which I just love. The next time there is a sale on dishcloth cotton at my cheap yarn outlet of choice, don’t be surprised if I buy the entire stock out. All the fun of a variegated yarn, with no ugly pooling!

Needles: Addi Turbos US size 6, 20". I’m pretty sure it was Liz who pointed it out to me after I made my first Baby Kimono a while back, and she was right- it is so much more pleasant to use circular needles for these things! If you made one of these on straight needles and hated it, give it one more try on circulars. You just may change your mind.

Modifications: I added 1 inch of garter stitch to the bottom edge of all my pieces and worked the rest in stockinette. Also, I decided to throw caution to the wind and use the needle size specified in the pattern instead of going down a size or two like I usually do. (I normally do that to accommodate my super loose gauge, in case you don’t know.) Since the intended recipient will probably be about two weeks old before the kimono gets to her, I didn’t want to run the risk of it coming out to small to be worn. It’s definitely bigger than newborn size, so hopefully it will get plenty of wear.

Final Thoughts: I love the way this turned out, and I’m so much happier with it than I was with my first attempt. I learned that I love variegated yarns in the skein, but am very rarely happy with them knit up, so it makes sense for me to find a happy middle ground with yarns with multi-colored plies, like the Twists. Also, I learned that I really do prefer the look and feel of dishcloth cotton knit on needles that are a little on the big side, at least for me. I think I might be ready to dive into knitting another kimono very soon, only this time for my own baby!

I wonder if anyone has ever made one of these adult sized. I know that people do that with other famous one piece baby patterns. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Tomten Jacket and Baby Surprise Jacket come to mind. I’m not sure it would work well on an adult because the sleeves stand out so straight from the body of the sweater, but it would be interesting to find out. Let me know if you see one!



  1. Tonya said

    I’ve resisted making a baby kimono for Leo because I thought it might be too girly, but the wrap style is sooooo convenient for babies I may just have to give it a go. You should definitely make one for your little one.

  2. Elizabeth said

    It’s so cute, Holly!! You definitely need to make one for your lil baby.

  3. Cheryl said

    your kimono turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I made one in green and kit a frog from a washcloth pattern into the back. I’m not sure if there’s an adult version in the new Knit Kimonos book. I ordered it and it’s on its way, but I’ll let you know!

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