Finished: Mother Bear Project Teddy

Pattern: Mother Bear Project Teddy from Knitting for Peace (Note: You
can also buy the pattern separately from the Mother Bear Project
, or you can purchase a bear making kit. Proceeds help them
cover the costs associated with getting these bears to the kids.)

: small amounts of *Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton* in Espresso, Poppy and Indigo

: trusty aluminum Susan Bates straights, size 6

: stuffing and small amounts of embroidery floss for the face

The bear is seamed, stuffed, and ready to start his long journey
to Africa. You might remember that as of my last post, Fred (that’s
what I named him) was waiting to have his legs seamed up after the
mysterious disappearance of the yarn to match his pants. After a long
search, I gave up on finding those last few yards of navy and seamed up
the pants using the dark brown I used for the bears head, hands, and
feet. I used the mattress stitch so you can’t really tell that I used a
different color to seam at all, except where I had to whipstitch the
crotch together. It looks pretty bad up close, but hopefully it won’t
be noticed from a trotting horse.


This was a fun knit, albeit a little tedious with the finishing, and
I’m happy that Knitting for Peace inspired me to knit for such a
worthy cause. Since I started this bear, I’ve been bitten hard by the
knitted toy bug. I have a feeling that Fred will be the start of a long
and happy toy making career. I’m just a big kid at heart and making
toys appeals to that part of me. Sheldon is next in line to go on the
needles, but after that there’s a veritable parade of toys waiting in
the wings. I can’t wait to knit them up and share them with y’all!


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  1. Tonya said

    I seriously love Sheldon. And yay for you for knitting for such a good cause!!

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