Everything’s Coming Up… Denim?

Lately, I keep finding myself thinking about Rowan Denim. Actually, scratch that sentence. I’m not just thinking about Rowan Denim. I’m obsessing
about Rowan Denim. It went from hovering around the edges of my brain
while I considered using it in different projects, to me dreaming about
it (literally) and
spending exorbitant amounts of time sifting through Ravelry, seeing
what other people have used it for.

So many options! I happened across this today and immediately thought of Anouk, which I’d
already added to the queue of things I’d like to knit for baby. Wouldn’t it just be awesome in denim? I’ve
been thinking about knitting up a pair of baby blue jeans for a while
too. In my dream last night, I was knitting some kind of denim Buttonhole Bag. I remember in the dream I was trying to figure out
how to replicate the shape of that bag in particular without using a
feltable yarn, and I think I may have come up with some complicated dream solution that wouldn’t actually work in real life. I don’t remember what I came up with now though- any ideas? If I can’t figure out how to knit up the bag from my dream, this is a beautiful alternative.

It’s so hard to concentrate on my current WIPs when I am lusting deeply after yarn I don’t have. I’m trying my hardest to hold off on buying any until the big summer sale at my LYS, but that’s not until July 14. I did put in an order at Knit Picks last Sunday, but it hasn’t even shipped yet so I’ll probably be waiting awhile. *sigh*



  1. Tonya said

    Up for trading some yarn? I have some Rowan Denim that I bought for a project, and then decided not to use it. I think I have like 5-6 balls that haven’t been used at all, plus two that I’ve already knit that can be frogged I know like every knitter in the world, you have something in your stash that probably isn’t going to get knit up, either. (It’s the darkest color, by the way. Except one ball in the middle-blue color.)
    No baby shower yet, but I think there’s something in the works for early August.

  2. Steph said

    You are so lucky you got a Ravelry invite. i’m still waiting and drooling…S

  3. Hi, Holly. I’m Holly. I was trying to see if my new blog would come up on a search and found yours instead. You’ve got a great blog. I hope mine grows up to be lively blog like it is.
    I also had a cat named Gidget who looked a lot like your Louie. Gidget died four years ago at 14 1/2. She was a great cat and I still miss her.
    Take care.

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