Vive le Frog


After some hemming, hawing, knitting, figuring, and trying the sleeve
on about a hundred times, I’ve changed my mind about casting on less
than 20% of the key number of stitches for my cuff. What I said
yesterday about my sleeve is true- it’s quite snug- maybe, I’m starting
to feel, a little too snug. If snugness was the only issue, I’d
probably keep going, but there are two other issues that lead to me
decision to start over:

1. Even though I decided to use only 15% of the key number of stitches
for the cuff, instead of the recommended 20%, I had not planned on
altering the number of stitches for the upper arm. My upper arm is
plenty ample, so I’d like to have as little constriction as possible up
there. In order to keep a smaller cuff AND the "normal" number of
stitches at the upper arm, I’d have to significantly speed up the rate
of my increases for the body of the sleeve, or end up with either a
very long sleeve.

2. I’m not totally happy with my ribbing. I really prefer a
2×2 rib, but for whatever reason when I cast on I went with a 1×1. Why
do I do that? I’ve known for
a while now that 2×2 ribbing is really my druthers, but for some reason
I’m always trying to give 1×1 ribbing "just one more chance". It’s not
that there’s anything inherently wrong with the 1×1 rib, and I guess it looks OK. But I just adore sweaters with deep 2×2 ribbing, and it’s my dang sweater so why shouldn’t I have my ribbing exactly as I want it?

I feel like my willingness to frog and start over is one sure sign that
I’ve grown as a knitter since Big Blue. There were so many times during
the knitting of that sweater that I could have stopped myself and said,
"Self, I think this sweater is twice as big as you are! You should
probably quit while you’re ahead!" If I had any intuitive feelings
that something was not going right, I opted to ignore them because I
just couldn’t deal with ripping out all that work. These days, I know
I’ll be much happier if I heed that little voice that warns me when a
project is going awry. (It’s too bad it has to warn me so frequently

Oh, well. Que sera, sera and all that stuff. It’s just yarn, it’s just
knitting, and if I have to knit something again…. well, I like
knitting, don’t I? Of course I do!


Besides the sweater, I’m still plugging away on my Mother Bear
Project teddy bear. Last night I sewed up the head and started knitting
my bear some arms. I’m excited to finish knitting on the little guy so
I can finish putting him together and adding all the special little
finishing touches. I’m thinking he’ll probably be ready for the big
send off early next week.


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