Peace, Love and Teddies


Last week I ordered Knitting for Peace from Amazon, mostly because it’s on sale for 3.99 and I needed to add a small purchase to my order for free shipping. It’s probably not a book I would have bought ordinarily, because it focuses on knitting for charity. I’m the kind of knitter that likes the idea of knitting for charity, but has a hard time actually committing to it. I think it’s great that there are people who love to do that kind of knitting, but usually I have to admit that I’d rather just write a check and save the knitting for myself and the people closest to me.

That said, it is a great little book! The book profiles charity knitting groups of all different flavors and gives the patterns and information you need to donate. It would be hard to flip through and not see at least one project that piques your interest, even if you’re like me and don’t care too much for charity knitting.

All of the stories tugged at my heartstrings, but the one that really called out to me was the Mother Bear Project, a group that sends handknit teddy bears to Africa to be given to children whose lives have been ravaged by the AIDS epidemic. Besides being touched by the story, I was intrigued by the pattern. I’ve never made a bear before, so why not?

Here’s my teddy! Isn’t he cute?


I’ll admit he’s looking a little flat right at the moment, but I assure you that he will be adorable after a little stuffing and love. I’m using scraps of Blue Sky Dyed Cotton, but you can use any kind of machine washable worsted weight yarn. I’m definitely going to be donating this one, but I may make another one for my Mom. As a lover of teddy bears, I’m sure she’d like to add a hand knit teddy to her collection.

Today, I almost gave into temptation and joined a knitalong on Ravely for the ‘Vog On socks that appeared in the most recent Knitty. That’s actually only halfway true- I kind of did join the knitalong, but came to my senses in about an hour and took myself back out. I figure that having the freedom to guiltlessly join whatever knitalong you want to must be a joy that comes only with not having to worry about a bazillion other WIPs. I love the idea of knitting a new-and-cool pattern while it’s still new-and-cool, but I just can’t throw everything else to the side with a clean conscience. I blame pregnancy hormones for this sudden rush of responsible knitting.

In case you’re wondering exactly what’s on my needles right now, here’s a quick run-down:

  • Big Blue- not really on the needles anymore, but still waiting for me to vest-ify it.
  • Mystery Baby Projects- I can’t say too much, but you can assume that Second Booty Syndrome is the problem here, considering that I’ve been "working" on these things since May.
  • Seamless Raglan Sweater for myself- another go at the EZ method of sweater-making. More details to come.
  • Mother Bear Teddy

And on the hook:

  • Ultimate Crocheted Sock. Yup, that’s still just one sock.

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