Not So Big Blue

Let me tell you what- there’s nothing more frustrating than having a
week full of knitting excitement and then not being able to find time
to sit down and blog said excitement! The Yarn Harlot says that blogging in
the past tense is weird, and I agree, so let’s get caught up already!

So, the last time I blogged, I expressed my frustration with a certain
Big Blue Sweater. I made elaborate plans for how I was going to make
the sweater wearable. Have you noticed that I like to make elaborate
plans, but usually can’t stick to them? Well, in the case of Big Blue,
I sort of
stuck to the plan. It’s just that I skipped some steps. I started to
rip out and re-knit a sleeve, but I changed my mind mid knit and
decided that I would be better off just throwing it in the washer and
seeing what would happen. Gentle felting is for wusses!

So…. that’s what I did. Armed with a bunch of rubber bouncy
balls to create agitation, I stormed the local laundromat and
surrendered big blue to the Fates of Felting.

(Sorry no pictures… camera is on the fritz, but as soon as I can figure out what’s wrong with it I’ll add them to this post!)

On the one hand, the sweater does fit me perfectly as far as width is
concerned. Unfortunately, I now have what amounts to a short sleeved
felted wool sweater. My options as I see them now are:

1. Knit some sleeve sized stockinette tubes, felt them and sew them onto my sleeves.
2. Sew some other kind fabric sleeve extensions to my sleeves.
3. Cut the sleeves off all together and give sweater new life as a felted vest.
4. Cut the whole thing into pieces and make something else entirely.

I think I really prefer option three. (My preference may or may not
stem from my desire to avoid having to hunt down extra yarn to knit
sleeve extensions.) As a sweater, this thing is going to be incredibly
warm- maybe a little too warm if there are sleeves on it? As a vest, I
could buy a dark blue, light blue and white button down shirt and wear
it all winter long. Yes, I think the sleeves are going to be hacked off
to become scrap fabric and I’ll be able to close the book on Big Blue
(which isn’t all that big now) once and for all. Stay tuned!

Of course the biggest news from last week is… I got my Ravelry invite!!!

If you aren’t already on the waiting list, you really should be. And if
you are already on the waiting list and you are totally losing your
mind waiting for the invite to come, rest assured that it will be worth
the wait. Have you already taken pictures of all the yarn in your
stash, all your WIPs and FOs from your whole knitting life? (The ones
you can find, I mean.) Have you started a Library Thing account and
entered your collection of knitting books? Have you gone through your
collection of hooks and needles and written down what you have? If you
haven’t done it yet, do it now!
Channel all that I-want-my-damn-invite angst into productive
cataloging time! Think of yourself as the curator of your own museum,
a museum dedicated to your life as a knitter.

Even if you don’t think you care about having every little ball of yarn photographed, trust me when I say that you will care
when you see how cool everybody else’s stuff is! I wasn’t quite caught
up when I got my invite, and it’s possible that I never will be.

True, Ravelry is not up to 100% yet. There are still a few bugs to be worked out, but the more I explore the site the more
convinced I am that it is nothing short of genius. It’s the kind of
thing that could change your knitting life in the best way possible. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true! You’ll see when you
get there! And be sure to add me to your Friends list when you do!


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