Long Weekend

This weekend was long and relatively uneventful, but chock full of knitting and crocheting. What more could you ask for?

Friday and Saturday, I worked on the heel turning of the Ultimate Crocheted Sock. After I figured out how to make it sit at the back of my foot instead of the side, it turned out to be a cleverly constructed and fun heel.

Here it is as I was working up the gusset…


and here it is with the heel completed, ready to start the cuff!


It’s exciting to be so close to finishing my first crocheted sock. Now I can find an answer to the burning question, "Does Second Sock Syndrome apply to crocheted socks?" (Sadly, I hypothesize that it does.)

In case you were getting worried, Sunday is still for afghans, specifically, my Mother’s Day Afghan. The good news is that after working on it during my Sunday knitting group, I got it to the point where I can start the decrease rows, which means the end is nigh! The bad news is, I’m sick of trying to find places to spread it out to take pictures of it. Just look up the post from last week and imagine it a few inches bigger. Really, it’ll be about the same.

Today I finished a couple of small, baby type projects, but I can’t show them off either because they’re not for my baby! (Pregnant friends who read the blog, pretend you didn’t just read that.) I promise that pictures and details are forthcoming.

Speaking of babies, now would be a good time for a quick pregnancy update. I am nineteen weeks pregnant today, and I have made friends with stretchy elastic pants. I still haven’t had to buy any maternity clothes, but that’s only because I still have a lot of clothes in my closet from my life pre-Weight Watchers. I think I felt the baby move for the first time this weekend, but it’s still hard to tell for sure. I have an ultrasound scheduled for June 5th and I’m hoping to find out the sex definitively then. Besides my gall bladder issue from a few weeks ago, I’m just having normal pregnancy type complaints, so I’m grateful for that. Goals for next week include not having any more nightmares about my Ultrasound (I’ve had 6 so far) and figuring out how to keep myself from imploding from heat. I’ve always been cold natured… not anymore! And it’s only May… what am I going to do in August? 


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  1. Tonya said

    As for the heat, dresses are your best friend. AND, they have no waist, which is perfect.
    The ultrasound will not be scary — I can’t wait to see what you’re having!! And you probably DID feel the baby move, which is exciting. For a couple of weeks I was the same way, “Is it the baby or gas?” Chances are it’s the baby.
    The crochet sock rocks!! And I have to make it to the Knit Nook on Sunday to see the afghan.

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