Saga of the Sock


I don’t mind ripping out a project, as long as it’s a productive rip. As in, I don’t want to have to rip out a project and start it over… and over…. and over…. you know what I mean. Fortunately, the exact opposite has happened with the Ultimate Crocheted Socks. I gave up on the behemoth, which was not only enormous but distinctively lopsided, and began my chain anew.

After significant alterations to the pattern, my sock is just about perfect. By "significant alternations", I mean that I was getting gauge with a hook only one size smaller than the one called for, and now I’m down by two hook sizes. Also, I ended up eliminating a round of increases from the smallest size of the pattern, and really it could still be smaller and fit my foot. If you’ve ever seen my humongous feet in person, you’re probably in as much shock as I am. I don’t know who the pattern is designed for… but it is not for anyone with normal sized feet.

Despite the challenges, I love this sock! The stitches are thick, yes, but very beautiful. See the closeup? So pretty!



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