Sunday is Afghan Day


It’s time to confess a secret that is probably not much of a secret if you knit with me or read my blog- I am starting to feel a little bored with the Mother’s Day Afghan. It’s reached one of the most frustrating points in any project, when it is huge and unwieldy but the end is still nowhere in sight.

I still basically like the project, and I think it will be a great belated Mother’s Day gift once it’s done, but in order to make sure it does get done I’ve decided to assign it it’s own day. Sunday tends to be my most productive crafting day, since I go to an informal group that meets on Sundays at my LYS for 4 or 5 hours, so every Sunday until it’s finished the afghan will be my Sunday project. I always get really excited for Sunday knitting/crocheting, so I’m thinking that excitement will carry over into the project itself. I’m guessing it should only take me 3 more Sundays to finish it up.

You probably can’t tell much from the picture, but I finally started the straight section of afghan. I’m pretty much just gaining height now. I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to the decrease section. I’m sure that anyone out there who has knitted a Clapotis can empathize.

In Non-Afghan News….


What is this newly cast on object? (Besides a mess, I mean.) Stay tuned to find out… or just listen to my podcast, which should have a new episode out tonight.


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