Saturday is for Sweaters…


I’ve heard of people buying sweaters at thrift stores to be recycled, but I’d never really considered getting into myself until recently. I’ve been hanging out at the local Goodwill a lot, mostly just for the fun of sifting through a museum of unwanted objects. I didn’t think I would be able to find sweaters worth recycling. Why would anyone get rid of perfectly good wool? See, having the mind of a knitter can get you into trouble sometimes. I just need to learn to accept that not everyone understands why it is just silly to get rid of wool. Their loss is totally my gain!

I found five perfectly salvageable sweaters altogether, but at five dollars a piece I could only take home the ones that I really felt good about. The purple one has a big Abercrombie logo across the front, but I think there’s still enough fabric there to make it worthwhile. The gray one is a nice, thick, almost tweedy Shetland wool. The red on top is the real gem of the bunch. It’s 45% lambswool, 40% angora and 15% nylon and it is soft and lovely.

I’m planning to felt them all to make into… well, I’m not sure about that part yet. I think I’ll keep hoarding them up until I have enough for a blanket or something like that. But there’s plenty of other options. Pillows, bags, stuffed toys… the world is pretty much my oyster. I’m already plotting trips to more thrift stores in the area, where I suspect many other poor suckers may have donated their woolen treasures. I’ll be posting more pics as I have them.

Louie would like to add that he thinks my new hobby is fabulous!


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