Saturday is for (More) Sweaters

Feeling good about my discovered sweaters from earlier today, I decided I should check out another thrift store in the area. This one is in a much more ritzy part of town than the one I shopped at this morning, and every thrift shop junkie knows that it pays off to follow the money.

Did it? Did it ever!

Check this out: the green, periwinkle and pink sweaters are all 100% cashmere!! The darker blue one is 85% angora and 15% nylon, but I think it will still felt just fine. But… cashmere! The killer thing is, the only one that had something noticeably wrong with it was the pink- a tiny stain on the front of the shirt. No problem since I plan to felt the crap out of it! I doubt it even shows on the finished fabric.

And wait… it gets better! Bob was more interested in the non-sweater part of the store, and after a walk through the store he casually told me that there was some yarn around. I didn’t get my hopes up, since the only yarn I’ve ever found in a thrift store was some antique Red Heart Super Saver, and even at a bargain price I don’t really want it. (Yarn snob? Maybe just a little.) Approaching the pile of yarn, I could see they were all white and in skeins very similar to Red Heart. I was so sure they were some kind of ancient petroleum fuel fiber that I almost didn’t investigate any closer. But look what I got!

It may be ancient but it is WOOL!! I ended up buying all 9 skeins. At .75 a skein, can you blame me? That’s right… beautiful undyed antique wool for .75 a skein!! Woohoo! I love Goodwill!


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  1. Colleen said

    The sweaters look great, Nice colors. Can’t wait to see your wool blanket. See you soon.

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