Afghan Cam, Day 3

So, I was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside about figuring out how to correct my mistake. Now I could continue to crochet Mom’s afghan the right way, and all would be well. That warm and fuzzy feeling persisted for about 10 minutes. Then I realized that the part of the blanket I had started doing right looked definitively and noticeably better than what I had started out doing. I decided I was probably the only one who could see it, and that it was for my mom and she has to love it anyway since I’m her spawn, and that I could live with it. The warm and fuzzy feeling came back.

And then I noticed that the latter half of my afghan was not only looking better- it was looking more square. The whole day Sunday, I questioned whether or not my blanket was going to turn into something resembling a rectangle. After reading and re-reading the pattern, I had convinced myself that it was so similar to the Clapotis, and that I just needed to keep going and it would right itself. I should have recognized the depth of my trouble when I started saying that it would probably come out fine in the blocking. (As knitting greats Maggie Righetti, Elizabeth Zimmerman, and the Yarn Harlot would probably like to remind us, anytime you are halfway through a project and you are already considering fixing things in blocking… you probably can’t fix it in the blocking.)

To make a long story short, I started over. Of course I’m a little disappointed about the setback, but it’s a good thing I started over. You can see the differences in the pictures below. There is no way that thing I was working on before was ever, every going to turn into a rectangle, even if I blocked it till kingdom come!

Momafghan3 Momafghan2_2

Momafghancomparison_2  See what I mean!



  1. Tonya said

    My first reaction is — starting over and planning to finish by Mother’s Day?! But then I remember that crochet is so much faster than knitting and breathe a sigh of relief (which is really funny, because it’s not even my project, but I guess knitters share some kind of kindred spirit that makes them freak out on each other’s behalf.)
    Did I mention last time that I love the colors? Because I’m sick of dark colors, hooray for spring brights!! Your mom will love it.

  2. Tonya said

    I’ve been working on a knitting podcast for awhile (meaning putting together ideas) and your Film & Fiber podcast has kind of given me the courage to go for it — any advice? And as an expert podcast listener, would you like a sneak peak of the first episode before it goes live to let me know what you think (meaning, I need reassurance!!)

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