Remember my last post, where I promised that I was going to post something with actual knitting content?

I lied. There is no knitting going on at Casa de Golightly this week. After weeks of feeling ho-hum about my knitting, I started to feel an urge to crochet something instead. It’s been years since I held a hook in my hand, but what started out as a mere whim quickly escalated into and overwhelming need to CH, YO, and SC. Must! Crochet! Now!


I decided to jump (back) into crochet with a nice, big project with a big deadline. Crochet is really a natural for afghans and blankets, so I’m making my mom a pretty spring colored afghan for Mother’s Day. Too bad I just decided this on Friday! To make up for lost time, I’m using big yarn (Lion Brand Homespun) and a big hook (size L, I think.) The pattern was a freebie, and it’s fun and intriguing. (Sorry, I’ll link later, the Lion Brand site is down.) Crocheted on the diagonal, it’s very similar to our old friend, Clapotis. I just hope it blocks into something semi-rectangular.

Just for the record, what you see there was accomplished in roughly 4 hours. I started on Saturday night. Crochet is faster, as I’m sure devotees of the craft would be happy to remind us snobby needle-using types. The real question is, is it fast enough? Keep tuning in all week for daily progress reports to see if I can really make a whole afghan in a week!


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  1. Tonya said

    Good luck with the deadline . . . I’m planning on Christmas afghans so I’m eager to see how long it takes (I’m thinking Rowan Big Wool, I don’t know if I’ll knit ’em on size 19’s or crochet ’em.)

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