Color My Mailbox

Last week, I heard about a new online yarn shop called Sheep of a Different Color while listening to the Lime and Violet podcast. I usually don’t order yarn online, since I live near some LYS’s that are really great and have most everything I want. But in this case, I couldn’t resist (and I’m so glad I didn’t!) Look what turned up in my mailbox today!


Three gorgeous skeins of hand-dyed dishcloth cotton, proving that even the lowliest skein of yarn can be transformed into something incredible. Just look at the cute little sheep tags! There was a sheet of fabric softener in the package so my yarn smells soooo nice! Every detail of my package was charming, right down to a card with a handwritten note from the owner.


The colorways, from L to R: Pumpkin Swirl, Carnival, and Mermaid. The colors that I bought are all sold out now, but she puts up new stuff regularly, and I bet there’s something there right now you would fall in immediate love with. Go! Order! Now!


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