My First Ultrasound, or How Having Things Inserted into the Vagina Often Leads to More Things Being Inserted into the Vagina


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Yesterday I went for my first ultrasound, a little earlier than normal since I couldn’t remember the first date of my last period, and therefore really had no idea how far along I might be. I was really bent out of shape about the whole thing, and was worried in particular that I might be too fat for the ultrasound to work. This is actually not a totally unfounded fear, since the ultrasound works using sound waves and having fat around your uterus is kind of like putting it in a soundproof room. Fortunately (?) for me, modern technology has come up with all sorts of ways to take pictures of baby in the womb (see title of this post), and there wasn’t really anything to worry about after all.

So, that little thing in the picture is my baby. Pretty neat, huh? Even with all the symptoms, even with positive test after positive test, I had been walking around with this lingering sensation of the whole pregnancy thing being some kind of weird hoax. While I was on the table waiting for the ultrasound to start, I felt like maybe there wouldn’t be anything there. And how was I going to explain that? Before I even had time to come up with a list of possible explanations… there it was, right on the screen!

So I got to feel relieved for about 10 minutes… now I’m worried about everything under the sun again. Yeesh.

Everything was good news as far as we could tell. I’m 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant, which moves my due date back to October 22nd. (Which happens to be the day after my best friend’s birthday and the day of my sister’s birthday.) Now that I have what I figure is a more accurate due date, I tried to go back and figure out when I actually might have conceived, and guess what? It happened either on or very, very near my birthday! The baby’s heart rate was 171, which the ultrasound tech said was very good.

Which brings me to… my super scientific Gender Prediction Experiment.

So far, I’m getting exactly what I expected- a lot of mixed results. I haven’t tried everything yet, and some of the experiments I plan to repeat (especially the pencil/wedding ring/necklace test), but here’s the tally so far.

Pendulum Test– There are a million variations on this one, but basically you’re supposed to dangle some pendulum-like object over your wrist or belly, and the way it swings is supposed to tell you what you’re having. (Back and forth- boy. Circular motion- girl.) I’ve only done it once so far, with a pencil, and the result was overwhelmingly BOY.

Chinese Conception Calendar– A quick Google search for "Chinese conception calendar" will yield several different "calculators" for determining the baby’s gender based on a chart that was supposedly discovered in a Chinese royal tomb 700 years ago. It works using the mother’s age and the date the baby was conceived to predict sex. The problem is, you need to find your lunar age- not the age you are on the Gregorian calendar. For example, I just turned 23, but I’m 24 in lunar years. Once I figured that out, I stopped getting mixed results- according to this method, I’m having a GIRL.

Heart Rate– Below 140 is supposed to be a boy, above 140 is supposed to
be a girl. As I said above, the baby’s heart rate was 171, so GIRL. Now, this should probably go without saying, but science has pretty
much torn the heart rate theory to shreds. You can go look at the
charts here.

Intuition– I don’t know about yours, but my intuition is essentially
useless. At this point I’ve had strong feelings both ways. I think I’m
influenced by what is around me at the time and by what I think people
"want me to have". I started out with a strong feeling that I was having a boy, but now I have no feeling whatsoever. I will update this if I have any strong premonitions, one way or another.

I know a lot of people say this and probably don’t really mean it, but I seriously don’t care what I end up having. Bob, on the other hand, has a definite opinion- he wants a puppy or a ninja. I think ninja is more likely, don’t you?

Thanks so much for all the congratulations! I miss you all and hope to see you around soon! Mery, I love the present you sent for me (and I keep meaning to take pictures to put on the blog…) I emailed you when I got it! I don’t know if you got it or not, but just in case you didn’t… thank you!!!! It’s awesome! We love and miss you!

Knitting? What knitting? You mean this is a knitting blog?



  1. Jessie said

    I think that’s the cutest bigger-than-a-peanut-but-not-quite-a-whole-baby that I’ve ever seen.

  2. Hope said

    When my sister was preg. with Christian we thought he was going to be a girl at first too because his heart rate was really high for a boy or so the experts said… and well he is very not a girl so, but anticipation is half the fun right? *LOL* Tell Bob good luck on getting the puppy.
    Take Care

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