Never Say Never

Can you guess why I’m…

1. glad that the Top-Down sweater I’m working on is a cardi and not a pullover?
2. not cleaning out my litterbox? (Well, not my litterbox ya know, but the cats’ litterbox.)
3. excited, happy… and terrified?


Have you guessed yet?





Do ya give up?


I just found out this Wednesday, and even though this was totally NOT on my list of things to do in 2007, I’m just tickled pink. I’m at about 9 or 10 weeks (though this is just a guess because I really have no idea when I had my last period), and my due date has been tentatively set at October 5th.

So far, the only baby knitting I’ve started is the Umbilical Cord Hat from the first Stitch n’ Bitch. I’ll post pictures when there are more interesting things afoot. For today, I figured my big news was interesting enough!

Oh, and don’t worry, Bob is totally on litterbox patroll.



  1. Colleen said

    Well, what a surprise. I am happy for you. Missed you yesterday at knitting. I’ll be there on Thursday eve. so I hope to see you. Oct. is a good time. Maybe by then I will be able to knit another sweater. I am almost finished with the one I am working on. See you on thurs.

  2. Mery said

    HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!! These are great news!!!!!! congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you and Bob!!! This is awesome!!!!! (and I totally know, awesome, exciting and terrifying)

  3. Tara said

    WOW! I guess what they say about the water at Humana is true! Jessie better start brown bagging hers…
    Congratulations! I’m trying desperately to make it this week! See you Wed!

  4. Allison said

    I am so frikken excited for you! October 5th is my brother’s birthday- and also the most popular birthdate. One getstational period after New Years.

  5. Lucinda said

    congrats! you need to come to knitting so we can just ask tons of questions!

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