Caught by the Fuzz

I was working on this theory that if I could knit one project to felt every two weeks, it would motivate me to get to the laundromat every two weeks. Because y’all, I hate hate HATE going to the laundromat. I swear, every two weeks I have to go through all five stages before I can finally haul my ass down to the mat (because, you know, "the mat" is what all the cool kids are calling it these days).

Stage One: Denial ("Laundry? What Laundry?")

Stage Two: Anger ("Life is so unfair! Why can’t I be rich enough to just throw my clothes away after I wear them and buy new ones! The Universe hates me!")

Stage Three: Bargaining ("If I [do the dishes, sweep, vacuum, clean out the catbox really good, scrub the toilet, bleach the bathtub] then I won’t have to go do laundry tonight.")

Stage Four: Depression ("Doom! Despair! Agony! Three flights of stairs… heavy hampers… If I wasn’t so fat, my clothes wouldn’t be so HEAVY!")

Stage Five: Acceptance ("Damn, I’ve worn every piece of clothing I’ve owned since high school twice. Including the dry clean only stuff. Bob? Have you seen my keys?")

Really, having something to felt does make the whole thing more exciting. Instead of just getting clean clothes (which are better than dirty clothes, but still not very fun), I get a brand new usable object. That’s about as exciting as laundromats will ever be, unless someone decides to open up a yarn store/laundromat. (Actually, that’s a great idea! Somebody work on that!)

The problem with my plan turned out to be that if you don’t finish knitting on the item you’re wanting to felt, it gives you one more excuse to avoid the whole ordeal. Which means that I’ve been putting off finishing the second Fuzzyfoot so that I wouldn’t have to go to the laundromat, even though I knew that I was getting seriously low on clothes. Second Sock Syndrome + Avoid the Laundryitis = No Clean Clothes, No Fuzzyfeet, and No Friends (because no one will keep hanging out with you once you start to stink.)

Somehow, I overcame all that adversity, and now I have clean clothes AND fuzzy feet AND friends! It’s amazing what soap and water can accomplish for you, if you’ll only let it!


The vitals:

Pattern: Fuzzyfeet from Knitty

: Leftover Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Limeade and Lemon Drop (I think.)

Needles: Brittany wooden DPN’s, size 10 1/2. I always feel safe from vampire attacks when I use these. And I’ve always harbored a secret desire to plunge a stake into something/someone.

Watched While Knitting: If you’re really interested you should be listening to my podcast, but just in case, I watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights for the first time for the first sock, and finished the second one during Jacob’s Ladder.

Final Thoughts: I like them. They’re soft and warm and not itchy for me, despite the mohair content. I probably won’t be making another pair anytime soon, because to make sure they didn’t shrink too much I only ran them through one cycle at the Mat, and finished the job in my kitchen sink. I really hate felting by hand. If you’ve never done it before (lucky!), let me sum up the experience for you: rubber gloves, hot water, cold water, and somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour of rubbing. Ugh. Not my definition of fun.


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  1. Lucinda said

    Very pretty….If you bring it to knitting I can felt it for you thus avoiding the “mat” all together

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