A Tale of Two Scarves

Guess what I finished this week?


None other than the Grown Up Bonnet Scarf from Knit 2 Together by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clarke! I used the recommended yarn, which is a really lovely blend of wool and alpaca from Blue Sky Alpaca. (The same I used when I made the fingerless mitts for Mylea the blogless.) The yarn is pricey, but a joy to knit with. You can’t really see it in the skein, but knit up the yarn shows a very subtle hint of variegation, and the thickness of it made this a fairly quick project.

Generally speaking, I like the bonnet and it will probably get quite a bit of wear, but it is no Clapotis. In terms of keeping my body warm and toasty from the neck up, I don’t think anything could match the silky softness of my Clap.

Guess what else I finished this week?

Pattern: Lopi Lace Scarf from Weekend Knitting. I love that book. I’ve had it almost since I first started knitting, and the fact that it is losing its spine is a testament to how much it’s been used and enjoyed.

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, I don’t know what colorway. Noro is so obnoxious to work with sometimes- the 2 knot per skein minimum, little bits of the farm, and skeins that never really match. I used two skeins for this scarf, and ended up having to cut out three big chunks of the second skein because it had 3 colors that weren’t in the first skein at all. Why do I keep buying this stuff? More importantly, why aren’t there any less problematic yarns with the same slow, beautiful color changes? This is what motivates me to learn to dye and spin….

Needles: wooden Brittany DPN’s that I converted into short straight needles by using point protectors, US size 10 1/2

Final Thoughts: You know, I really had no plans to use this scarf on account of the fact that Silk Garden has a very high mohair content, and I usually can’t use mohair up against my skin. To my surprise, a good blocking not only opened up the pretty lace holes, but also seems to have taken most of the itch out. I finished it on Wednesday and I’ve worn it every day since, and so far haven’t had any itchy problems. It’s a good thing, because it really is a very bright, pretty scarf that is fun to wear.

The second episode of Film and Fiber should be available sometime this morning, so go check it out if you haven’t already!



  1. Colleen said

    HOLLY, the bonnet is so pretty and you really are very photogenic. The top down sweater looks like it is moving right along. I can’t seem to get to the broadcast. the site comes up but I don’t see the download, so I can’t get anything. But then, i am computer disfunctional. Don’t forget my pattern for vest in the Vogue Knitting magazine. See you sunday, colleen

  2. Stephani said

    So pretty! See, I comment sometimes, especially when I’m getting paid to do nothing! 🙂

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