Happy Birthday To Me!


  1. Berroco Cotton Twist. Last skein in the store, and on clearance for less than two bucks! Sweet!
  2. Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted, for the Grown Up Bonnet Scarf that I started quite a while ago.
  3. Schaeffer Anne, which is a laceweight wool/mohair blend, in a simply beautiful blend of pinks and purples. It’s like it was personally dyed for me.
  4. Noro Silk Garden, which is growing up to be the Lite Lopi scarf from Weekend Knitting.

5. And the big finish: Scaeffer Laurel that was named after one of my heroes- Shari  Lewis! It’s such a fun, bright colorway, and I think it’s going to become my summer Clapotis. Shari




  1. Colleen said

    Your yarn looks really pretty and your scarf is gorgeous. Monday morning I unraveled the Noro scarf I worked on Sunday. I did not like the way it looked. I did start my cowl and I think it will be beautiful. Have a happy day and maybe a happy “snow”day. Colleen

  2. Tara said

    Happy Birthday!!!

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