Making Up for Lost Time

Aran4 Bonnetscarf1_1

I love how even after an unproductive knitting week, I can usually manage to make it up to myself on Sunday. With just a few short breaks, I’ve been knitting since I woke up at nine this morning, and have about two and a half feet of knitting progress to show for it.

Do you remember the Aran Pullover of tweedy orange goodness that I cast on for way back in August? I knit more than 7 inches on it this weekend, which is quite a feat considering the difficulty of the chart. Interlocking diamond cables + seed stitch = headache.

Since the picture doesn’t show the trademark flare of 3×3 ribbing at the cast on edge, you might not be able to tell that long, green scarf is a future Grown Up Bonnet Scarf from Knit 2 Together. (You know, the one that I absolutely did not cast on for Thursday night!) I knit two whole feet on that baby today, and I think that if the rest of the yarn was in my hands right now, I’d probably just stay up the rest of the night and wear it to work tomorrow. If you’ve noticed this scarf popping up on a lot of knitting blogs lately… there’s a good reason. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s always had a secret longing for a bonnet.


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