The Incredible Vanishing Knitter

Now you see her… now you don’t!

Dear Everyone I Knit With,

I probably haven’t seen you for at least a couple of weeks now. I’m really sorry. I’m sure you understand better than anyone else that it pains me deeply to miss out on knitting, especially when the knitting takes place in the company of people I enjoy. I don’t want anybody to think that I’m deliberately avoiding them, so I just wanted to warn you that my attendance at knitting nights will probably be sporadic for the next few months.

The reason I’m missing knitting is that my job is offering me and Bob unlimited overtime hours for an unspecified amount of time, and we really want to take advantage of the extra income while we can. In the long run, this will be a really great thing, because it’s going to enable us to pay off some lingering bills and  (finally) start putting some money back, but I’m going to be sacrificing a lot of my social time in order to work.

I’m not planning on disappearing altogether. I mean, seriously, how long do you think I can stay away from a yarn store? I’m planning on doing Wednesday nights at Sophie’s every other week, Thursday nights at The Knit Nook on the alternating week, and Sunday afternoons every week that I can manage it. And I’ll still be knitting and blogging whenever I can. I actually feel a little arrogant posting an apology letter for not being at knitting nights (because do I really think you are all crying into your pillows from missing me?), but I figured this would be the politest and most efficient way of letting y’all know where I am.

I’ll for sure be at Sophie’s next Wednesday for the First Annual Knot Too Tightly Wound Secret Santa Gift Exchange Extravaganza (this is now the official title.) So don’t go disowning me yet! You don’t know, I might have drawn your name!


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