Stripey Socks, Silky Scarves, and Sneaking Hats

As promised, here are some progress pictures of what’s on (and in one case off) the needles:


Stripey Sock #1 is complete and is my best fitting sock to date. I finally figured out that I like my socks to be as snug as possible on my foot, but not too tight at the cuff. This sock is a success on both counts! Now I’m just hoping I can replicate these results on sock #2.


I’m almost done with this extremely difficult to photograph cabled scarf. (free pattern courtesy of Hello Yarn.) I know you can barely even see the cable in the picture, but I promise it looks better in real life. They yarn is so bright that my camera refuses to be friends with it.

There’s only one ball of Alpaca Silk to go, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to finish it by the end of this weekend. I’m wearing this baby to work on Monday! And conveniently enough, I already have a hat to match. Hooray for matching accessories!!!

In the Gift-Knitting-I- Can’t- Give-Details- On Department- I finished up one of my gift projects, but am still awaiting yarn for the second. So in the interim, I cast on for another present- which brings me to the Gift- Knitting-I- Can– Give-Details- On Department:

This is Bob’s future Xmas gift, Halfdome from the Summer ’06 Knitty. I made a few hats for him a long time ago, when I first started crocheting, but this will be his first luxury yarn handknit item. It would probably be a fast knit, except it’s going to be a surprise so I have to work on it when Bob’s not around. It’s fun being sneaky. So far, so good!


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  1. Tara said

    Rest assured, the cables are visible! And its lovely! I think I may be jealous, although I would have to do it in a more “me” color!

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